Durga Devi Puja

In Hindu mythology, Durga is a warrior goddess who defeated MAHISHA, the Buffalo Demon who was destroying the earth. Then , the myth goes on to tell us, Mount Meru ran red with the blood of the hordes of Mahisha’s demon followers as Durga annihilated them.

We need this fierce, feminine, warrior goddess energy today to defeat the many faces of MAHISHA arising in the world today in the form of dictator strong men arising from the far right ALL OVER THE WORLD.

This is spiritual-political event to honor the warrior goddess, Durga. It is energetically aligned with THE WOMEN’S MARCH ON WASHINGTON on January 18th. We will invoke KALI/ DURGAS strength and power to defeat our own orange buffalo Demon who currently resides at the White House, so we can stop the destruction of our planet and all of its creatures.

We must invoke a Higher Consciousness to win this one. Politics alone has gotten us where we are today. POLITICAL ACTION ALONE WILL NOT DO THE DEED.

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